microKORG XL

I finally got round to shelling out for a real synthesiser, after quite a bit of research I finally settled on the microKORG XL. I have had it for a month now and still play it constantly, I have actually gotten to prefer the mini keys and going back to a real piano feels like the keys are made of lead.

One thing I have found lacking is the 128 factory presets get old fairly quickly and there aren’t any good repositories on the web. In order to try to remedy this I have written a new web-application for sharing patches for hardware synthesizers. At present it only supports the XL but I’ll add others if it takes off. The great thing about Java is the midi support is pretty good so I can communicate directly with the XL from a website. This means you can search and just click on a patch and have it instantly live on your XL.

Click below to give it a try:

9 Responses to “microKORG XL”

  1. Simeon Says:

    tiny nit-picking, but the device name is microKORG XL (as seen by the graphics, and google searches) vs. MicrokorgXL. It looks way better with the correct casing.

  2. admin Says:

    Just for you.

  3. bunchy Says:

    Alesis Micron / Miniak please!!!!!

    This would be awesome.


  4. Eric Says:

    very nice thing!

  5. Levstarr Says:

    Great idea… a MINIAK version would be the answer to all my prayers (and probably many other peoples too)!

  6. steevyhead Says:

    yes i completely agree the miniAK version would be used by me for sure

  7. Israel Risco Says:

    Can you make these presets available for download as .mkxl files? (individually or as a whole bank) please, please! or send me to my e-mail!

  8. admin Says:

    The mkxl file format isn’t documented anywhere I can find so I can’t export the db in that format. I am planning to write a tool to export the database as a set of sysex files, but I might take a while to get around to it.

  9. The Bro Says:

    This is great! Does it work for the Microkorg as well?

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