I was intending to get this done for Robert Moog’s birthday but didn’t quite get it finished in time. I took the basic MiniMoog layout and tried to pare it down as much as possible to get cute/miniature but still useable and recognizably Moog styled synth. This is the first time I have tried modelling a full 3D interface and I didn’t quite nail the look I was after. It’s not quite finished yet as I had to overhaul all my previous GUI code to handle the 3D interface.

Click to play:

6 Responses to “TinyMoog”

  1. Simeon Says:

    In the default settings, if you click/tap a key (with the mouse) it plays with continuous sustain, where-as if you click-n-hold the mouse, then mouse off the key, the sounds stops straight away. Was this difference intended? and if not which is “correct”

  2. admin Says:

    No that’s a bug. Will fix it up tonight.

  3. msin84 Says:

    Hi synth man!Great job!I love too much yours web synths!!!!

    Mirko from Italy

  4. dhk557 Says:

    hi i am confused as to how to get the midi keyboard to function with the online synths. can you please help? im using a m-audio axiom 49. hope to hear from you soon!

  5. dhk557 Says:

    it is plugged in but there is no response.

  6. brad Says:

    I can see this synth but it has no sound. It always use to work. Do I just need a java update? or is this a bug. I would think since it worked a while back with this version of java it would continue.

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