WS01 – Yamaha CS01 emulation

I was experimenting with using a mic as a breath controler so decided to try a CS01 emulation. Using the mic as breath controller didn’t really work out so I ditched it, but the synth itself is ok. The breath control responds to both midi expression and breath messages. Click to play:


4 Responses to “WS01 – Yamaha CS01 emulation”

  1. china Says:

    i lov it

  2. Linda loves MUSIC Says:

    its beter than my OP-1 <3

  3. anonymous Says:

    I clicked on it but it didn’t load! D:

  4. Jamie Says:

    Excellent emulation. We have a real CS-01 in red and it sounds pretty much like this. It’s been MIDIfied and we are going to add knobs for the filter RES and AMOUNT. Maybe a few other bits and pieces too. Keep on mutating.

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