MiniFM – Basic 4OP FM websynth

I haven’t tried much in the way of FM so decided to have a play with a basic 4 operator DX100esq synth. The GUI is a bit more polished than my previous synths (finally put shadows on the keyboard) but the sound not so much. I have also started a new gaming project at last so haven’t had time to come up with many proper demo patches.

3 Responses to “MiniFM – Basic 4OP FM websynth”

  1. sphaira Says:

    Do you want to release the source for educationnal only ?

  2. Thomas Says:


    Congratulations – I am really impressed by the results, that you have reached with MiniFM. It sounds like my old DX21 a long time ago. Thank you for implementing and publishing it.

  3. joe Camel Says:

    I really like this one.
    ever thought about selling them in the app-shop for iOS?

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