Maybe just one more – SH-101ish.

I tend to have great difficulty finishing anything as I loose interest after about a week and also underestimate the complexity of my undertakings. I thought I would go for a basic single oscillator mono synth and I could finish it in a week (prior to loosing interest). As always it turned out to be much more complicated than I imagined and so it’s not particularly polished but here it is:


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  1. Free Online Synthesizer » Synthtopia Says:

    […] Angry Octopus has released a new free online synthesizer, inspired by the Roland SH-101, the WS-101. […]

  2. Robert Ancell Says:

    Yay, this works in Ubuntu now.

  3. Paulpit Says:

    where is download?

  4. Online-Klimper-Tools | Blog | AngryOctopus » Blog Archive » Maybe just one more – SH-101ish. Says:

    […] AngryOctopus » Blog Archive » Maybe just […]

  5. noisettes Says:

    where is the link to download?

  6. ALEX Says:

    Its ok an very nice soft:)

  7. petrit Says:

    wery got innstruments

  8. petrit Says:

    download here in comyuter plese

  9. mac Says:

    Thanks for ths. it’s really cool and having a lot of fun playing around on it.i

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