Yet another web synth – Retro6

Decided to go with a basic (single oscillator) synth to try and get blep synthesis sorted. I am quite impressed by the array of sounds the Korg PolySix / Roland Juno6 can produce so decided to model it around those.
Every one of these I do is getting better, both graphically and audibly. Obviously still a long way to go before I get to the level of some of the commercial synths out there but I’m on my way.

4 Responses to “Yet another web synth – Retro6”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Nice work

  2. Anonymous Says:

    seems to cut out for me, works for a few seconds, maybe 30, and then becomes unresponsive. but while it’s working it’s very fun.

  3. drummchimp Says:

    sounds great! this is my fave of the synths on your site…sounds really like the juno 60 i borrowed for a while earlier this year…
    you can compare the tracks i recorded on that with the one i recorded on this on my soundcloud page if you like…:

  4. sphaira Says:

    Why not release a VST plugin with jVSTWrapper ?

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