Another WebSynth – DarkSide

An MS-20 / StarWars inspired semi-modular synthesizer. It sounds ok, but still not great. It is really quite hard to get something that is simple and sounds fantastic. I was quite happy with the look and spent quite a while agonizing over a minimalistic set of controls.

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  1. nihilocrat Says:

    I made this:

    kind of a neat synth because of the patch system in the middle.

  2. calyx93 Says:

    fun little synth – reminds me of the korg ms10/20. if you want any feedback – the more complex my patch got, the more glitchy the sound. adding pwm and more notes/polyphony made the glitches even more apparent. they’re very cyclical sounding – similar to a clicky loop point on a sample and speed up with more complexity.

    keep up the good work!

    if it helps, i used the latest safari and firefox running on an imac core 2 duo 2.16 GHz with OSX 10.4.11

  3. admin Says:

    Yeah, I tried an experimental synthesis method for this one that didn’t pan out too well. It sounds terrible and is VERY processor hungry. I like the basic design and am planning to revisit this one next and convert it to a sensible engine.

  4. byronkentwong Says:

    I love this. I really really love this little synth of yours. Trying to go to bed but your site is keeping me up! Well done. Turn them all in to vst/au/rtas please :)

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