More game-distractions. I play guitar a bit in my spare-spare time (about 1min/day) so a guitar synth was always on the cards. It sounds ok but is more useful as a chord reference rather than an instrument. Click to play:

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  1. Simeon Says:

    Oh my god, that is soo COOL! wow strumie-strum-strum

  2. Cool-stuff™ can be done in Java Says:

    […] Anyway Shannon shows again that ‘cool-stuff ™ can be done in Java‘ with his newest synth WebGuitar. […]

  3. admin Says:

    You should check out the new version with all the effects and improved pick movement.

  4. rhythmystic Says:

    Very cool. I really went to town with different tunings and couldn’t resist sampling some of the more out there chords for future tracks. One thing I would prefer would be to have the UI presented with the fretboard flipped 180, so I would have the same POV as when I’m playing (obviously coming from a right handed player).

    Impressive bit of low latency of Java code, IMO and hopefully it shows some of it’s detractors what Java can do. It also reminds me of what brainless fools Jobs and Apple are, for first dropping Java support and now, rejecting all Java apps from being included in the new Mac App Store, including many highly rated apps that had been listed for years in the (now defunct) Apple.com Mac app directory w/o any problems. Many long term, very loyal, small time Mac developers who don’t have the budget to independently advertise their products, derived most of their sales via customers discovering their products via the listings at the Apple.com app directory. It’s inevitable that the Mac Store will become the defacto marketplace for Mac Apps and exclusion from it will put many small time developers out of business. Apple couldn’t care less, all they want is that 30%.

    Sorry for the rant, but the whole thing with the App Stores is so bizarre, that 10 years ago, if anyone who tried to convince us that something like this would develop, would have been laughed out of the IRC channel (remember 10 years ago, before before Twitter ;-)!).

    Keep up the great work!

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