A 40×30 pixel EGA action adventure game. I got very sidetracked on this one (on synthesizers) and ended up not getting very far. This is the first game I have ever made with any music (or something approaching music).

Click to run:
PixelWarrior Screenshot

3 Responses to “PixelWarrior”

  1. Simeon Says:

    Wow, that is 40×30. What was the driver for such a small format game?
    It reminds me of a cut down version of Times of Lore. The sound is cool to have, very round an fat sound, with just a touch of haunting.

    How do you open the chest of the bottom left corner?

  2. admin Says:

    Was inspired by this. You can’t open the chest, it is purely cosmetic at this point.

  3. Robert Says:

    cool game! i enjoyed running around with my 8 pixel man.

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