Once again the NAMM videos have inspired me to have a go at a web version of an analog synth. This time round it’s the awesome looking Moog Minitaur. As usual it is unlikely to sound anywhere near as good as the real thing but will give you some idea of the types of sounds it is capable of. The filter in this one sounds a bit better than my previous synths as a result of trying out some delay-less feedback techniques.

Any midi controllers in the system should be connected automatically. Click to try:


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  1. ken williams Says:

    Sounds pretty good even through my little speakers.

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  4. van Says:

    Your quick turnaround always surprises me. I’ll mess with this java version until I can order a real Minitaur.

  5. TheAlien666 Says:

    Pretty nice! But on my Mac Mini (using Safari browser) the sound is glitchy. (a “tic” 3 times per second)

    I’ve tried 2 other browsers (Firefox and Chrome) and it does the same thing.

  6. David Smyth Says:

    Cool! Nice to see there is alot of interest in Moog locally in New Zealand!

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  8. webster Says:

    sounds very good, exept we get a continous tapping during the sound processing …
    Maybe you could fix this ?

    best regards

  9. admin Says:

    To try get the latency down to a minimum the buffer size is quite small which means you often get dropouts on some platforms. I will probably do two versions in future, a low-latency and a high reliability.
    The miniBrute is a lot trickier, I have no idea how the metalizer or ultrasaw circuits work. Also the brute-factor could be difficult to model.

  10. Spider.Dan Says:

    This sounds really great. I was super excited about the minitaur going into NAMM but the Arturia Minibrute stole the cake for me. Do you have any plans to make a Minibrute? I sure hope so 😉

  11. nokiarichard Says:

    you should do more bass synths, i love to play ’em, anyway i think this Webitaur hasn’t got any problem to fix

  12. Andre pierre Says:

    I very good Job ! Bravo super boulot les synthés !

  13. JonJon Says:

    This is awesome! But i have a request. Can you please try to make a stylophone?

  14. Alex2001 Says:

    Your stuff is amazing, have you ever considered of sharing the source code, it would be really great!

  15. MattGreenfield Says:

    Hi, i recently stumbled across your online synthesisers. do you think anytime in the future you could make a tutorial/ tutorial series on how you make them? i think there great!

  16. admin Says:

    I’ve been meaning to publish the source code and do a tutorial but haven’t found the time. Hopefully some time this year.

  17. dav'dd Says:


  18. dav'dd Says:

    fantastic plug

  19. LeftyIIII Says:

    Just discovered this. I can already tell this site is gonna blow my mind! Thanks for all the work you’ve put into these online synths. YES!!!

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