I love the new Monotrons from Korg, I was considering attempting digital versions but thought it would be much more fun to come up with my own design. I decided to go for something that would make more sense digitally and so FM seemed the logical choice. I went for buttons rather than the usual ribbon controller which would probably make a physical version too expensive but is much easier to play.

Click to give it a try:


5 Responses to “WebotronFM”

  1. ken williams Says:

    It does have possibilities as an alternative to the analog version. Further development.

  2. Joshua Says:

    Hey! If it’s a digital synth then why does it have a VCO?! :)

  3. One Infinite Loop Says:

    I love your synths and would love to use them in a live setting.

    The only flaw is that not every venue has wi-fi available. Is there any way you could make downloadable .jar files for these?

    The Linux community would LOVE you since it needs synths like these.

    Not only would it help artists like me, but it would be almost like free advertisement if it sprang up all over YouTube using these awesome applets live.

  4. K Says:

    Hey! some time ago I came across your synths and they were working perfectly, however recently the sound disappeared for me, any ideas what might have happened?


  5. Jamie Says:

    This one is heaps of fun too. Would it be possible to add a “ribbon controller” ? Half the fun of the Monotron is sliding through the scale and wobbling notes to hear the vibrating pitch glitch.

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