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Once again the NAMM videos have inspired me to have a go at a web version of an analog synth. This time round it’s the awesome looking Moog Minitaur. As usual it is unlikely to sound anywhere near as good as the real thing but will give you some idea of the types of sounds it is capable of. The filter in this one sounds a bit better than my previous synths as a result of trying out some delay-less feedback techniques.

Any midi controllers in the system should be connected automatically. Click to try:



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I love the new Monotrons from Korg, I was considering attempting digital versions but thought it would be much more fun to come up with my own design. I decided to go for something that would make more sense digitally and so FM seemed the logical choice. I went for buttons rather than the usual ribbon controller which would probably make a physical version too expensive but is much easier to play.

Click to give it a try:


Synth/Anime Crossover

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This one is a little strange I admit. The sequencer is based on the same cellular automation as Otomata. The synth is a basic single PWM oscillator and a 12db low pass filter.
Click to give it a try:

Such Wonderful Toys

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Korg is again conspiring to use up all my free time by creating an updated version of the Monotron with a built in sequencer/drum machine. There was no way I was going to be able to resist attempting a web version of this and so here it is:


The graphics took longer than I thought so the synth is pretty un-optimised and doesn’t sound any better than my Webotron. The drums are way off and it’s probably missing a lot of functionality but there should be enough to give you an idea of what the real thing is capable of.

Thanks to Tatsuya Takahashi at KORG the following changes have been made:

– Sequencer completely re-written.
– Gate time now recorded with each step.
– In flux mode gating is still driven by the step timing.
– LFO range set to 1-5KHz for fast and 0.05-20Hz for slow/1shot.
– LFO depth increased to +/- 8octaves for both pitch and cutoff.
– Cutoff knob range altered.

I still have some changes to make for the EG/LFO reset triggering when not in flux mode that I’ll get to soon.

microKORG XL

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I finally got round to shelling out for a real synthesiser, after quite a bit of research I finally settled on the microKORG XL. I have had it for a month now and still play it constantly, I have actually gotten to prefer the mini keys and going back to a real piano feels like the keys are made of lead.

One thing I have found lacking is the 128 factory presets get old fairly quickly and there aren’t any good repositories on the web. In order to try to remedy this I have written a new web-application for sharing patches for hardware synthesizers. At present it only supports the XL but I’ll add others if it takes off. The great thing about Java is the midi support is pretty good so I can communicate directly with the XL from a website. This means you can search and just click on a patch and have it instantly live on your XL.

Click below to give it a try:


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I was intending to get this done for Robert Moog’s birthday but didn’t quite get it finished in time. I took the basic MiniMoog layout and tried to pare it down as much as possible to get cute/miniature but still useable and recognizably Moog styled synth. This is the first time I have tried modelling a full 3D interface and I didn’t quite nail the look I was after. It’s not quite finished yet as I had to overhaul all my previous GUI code to handle the 3D interface.

Click to play:

WS01 – Yamaha CS01 emulation

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I was experimenting with using a mic as a breath controler so decided to try a CS01 emulation. Using the mic as breath controller didn’t really work out so I ditched it, but the synth itself is ok. The breath control responds to both midi expression and breath messages. Click to play:


MiniFM – Basic 4OP FM websynth

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I haven’t tried much in the way of FM so decided to have a play with a basic 4 operator DX100esq synth. The GUI is a bit more polished than my previous synths (finally put shadows on the keyboard) but the sound not so much. I have also started a new gaming project at last so haven’t had time to come up with many proper demo patches.


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Checking out the videos from Musikmesse I came across the pretty awesome looking Korg Monotron. I decided to knock up a quick version as I am currently working on MS-20 style filters and thought this would be a nice test platform.

I had to guess pretty much how it works as I don’t have much to go on, not even the vco shape (sounds like a saw to me). Obviously won’t sound nearly as good as the real thing but might give some idea of the kinds of sounds it could produce.

Click to play:


I was totally amazed today to get an email from none-other than the designer of the Monotron himself. He congratulated me on the implementation and gave me a few hints:

– filter doesn’t sound nearly as aggressive at maximum peak.
– LFO is slower at minimum (about 15s period) and faster at maximum (>1kHz).
– monotron resets the LFO at the moment the ribbon is touched, so it
works like a simple cycling EG at slow LFO rates.
– monotron has fixed intensity keytrack. cutoff tracks ribbon position
by factor of two. only tracks ribbon not pitch knob.

I made the adjustments above and also added keyboard control for the ribbon.

It doesn’t sound particularly good at extreme modulation, something that is very hard to do digitally and where analogs really shine. I’ll have to come back to this one when I get my hands on a real Monotron and try getting a bit closer to that beautiful analog squelching.

Special thanks to Tatsuya Takahashi and Korg, can’t wait for the real thing!

Maybe just one more – SH-101ish.

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I tend to have great difficulty finishing anything as I loose interest after about a week and also underestimate the complexity of my undertakings. I thought I would go for a basic single oscillator mono synth and I could finish it in a week (prior to loosing interest). As always it turned out to be much more complicated than I imagined and so it’s not particularly polished but here it is: