Java Update 51

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So Oracle have finally given up on the Java Plugin competing in any way with Silverlight/Flash and made all unsigned applets blocked by default. In order to run anything on this site you will need to do the following:

  • Go to the Java Control Panel (On Windows Click Start and then Configure Java)
  • Click on the Security tab
  • Click on the Edit Site List button
  • Add:

This is not a blog.

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Frankly the prospect of spending 10 minutes a day keeping the 3 people who visit my site each day (one of which appears to be a spam bot) up to date on my rather uninteresting life is soul destroying to say the least. However that said I really should post periodic updates whenever the site changes. So without further ado I present to you (well two of you anyway, the spam bot can go to hell):

Update 1

  • Added a few games that were rather more fun in my head than on screen. Bouncy Ball, SwitchTrack, Rally2D. Actually I’m quite pleased with Rally2D and it’s possibly the most playable game I have ever made. Unfortunately I seem to have lost all motivation to continue development on it.
  • Added new Tools section. I have written the first of what I hope will be at least a few tools that someone will find usefull.

Here we go

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So finally got round to installing WordPress and we now have the beginnings of a proper website for broadcasting my thoughts and progress on the all consuming hobby of game development. Next update likely some time in the year 2014 but we’ll see how we get on.